GED Changes


2014 GED Test


January 2, 2014 a new GED Test began.  The battery of subtests provides documentation of high school completion and college and career readiness.  The content of the 2014 GED® test does differ from that tested on the 2002 Series GED test.  The 2014 GED test is on computer (not online) and is about 7.5 hours long. 


The 2014 GED® Test Specifications

         - Section 1 (35 minutes*)
         - Section 2 (45 minutes)
         - Student Break (10 minutes)
         - Section 3 (60 minutes*)
         *The time allotted for sections 1 and 3 may vary slightly, but the total test time will always be 150 minutes.

         - Part 1 - (first 5 test questions) calculator not allowed
         - Part 2 - (remaining 41 test questions) calculator allowed

     ·   As of Friday, February 21, 2014, the standard time allowance on the GED® test - Mathematical                        Reasoning was increased by 25 minutes.

     ·   The time allowance for GED Ready™ - Mathematical Reasoning was also increased by 13 minutes.

          ·   Science (90 minutes)

          ·   Social Studies (90 minutes)
               - Section 1 (65 minutes)
               - Section 2 (25 minutes)

For more specific information on the new test:

To try a 1/4th length practice test:

Computer Based Testing

Computer based testing means that the entire test is delivered on the computer at an approved testing site in Wisconsin.  The GED or HSED issued by the State of Wisconsin can be neither earned nor obtained via the Internet or through correspondence programs.  All of our testing centers are set up to provide an orientation and testing on computer. 

For some people, typing on a keyboard may be a new and necessary skill.

Key board tutorials
Practicing keyboarding


2002 GED Test

The 2002 test finished in December of 2013.  Anyone who passed all five tests and has not received their credential should contact DPI.  Anyone who did not complete all five tests, should contact one of our testing centers to get started again.

In Wisconsin 11,387 people completed the GED or HSED in 2013 for an 11 year total of 97,772 GED or HSED recipients (2002-2013).



For questions about this information, contact Beth Lewis (608) 267-1062